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Northeast – Scents and Flavours

Northeast – Scents and Flavours
Northeast – Scents and Flavoursflavours
58,00 €
Children 0-11
Zone / Zona / Zone / Zone

ZONE 1 - Free- Funchal | Caniço
ZONE 2 - €5,00 - Machico | Santa Cruz | Câmara de Lobos | Estreito Câmara de Lobos, Ponta do Sol | Cruise Port
ZONE 3 - €10,00 - Camacha | Santo da Serra | Jardim da Serra | Calheta | Caniçal | São Vicente
ZONE 4 - €15,00 - Ponta Delgada | Prazeres | Porto da Cruz | Santana
Optional lunch or cruise passenger contact us

This tour begins with a small peregrination and you will feel blessed with the views you’ll have; take a deep breath and admire the terraces where the vines produce the fruit responsible for the nectar that throughout centuries have delighted admirers. Our guides will transport you back in time along the rural northeast coast, where almost nothing changed in the past 50 years. It’s indescribable what you will feel on the off-road tracks that wind through the dense Laurissilva forest all along the way; the scents, the sounds and the views will leave you dazzled.

Visit the typical and genuine Madeira houses and other relics from the past which today still work, like the water saw mill or the steam-powered rum factory. This is a trip that surely you will want to repeat.

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